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Labels & Badges

We can produce product or instruction labels for outdoor use in virtually any size or shape. Label Ballgrab

We print Self Adhesive labels on a wide variety of materials.

Vinyl is the most common substrate by far, but we also have materials for specialist applications such as sticking to difficult surfaces such as polypropylene or polythene. The method of printing is chosen depending on a number of factors such as quantity required, surface finish required, shape required etc.

Generally speaking, the cheapest & most common labels are printed on sheets of vinyl in one or more colours, then cut to shape and supplied in sheet form. This method is most suitable for smaller quantities (typically below 5000) as it requires very low set up costs and no specialist cutting dies.

qr code label

We can also supply labels on the roll which may be 'butt cut' (where each label is square cut and touching the next one) or 'die cut' (where each label is separate from it's neighbour and is probably a more intricate shape)


Lamination is a process of applying a clear film or varnish over the sticker to protect the print from abrasion and the fading effects of UV light.




Typical applications include:-


  • Maintenance Labels
  • Service reminders (with write on areas)
  • Promotional Stickers
  • QR codes
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Vehicle Decals

Have you looked into Quick Response (QR) codes ?

We can show you how useful they can be - and of course we can print them.



Domed LabelsProofing Service

Sometimes it'll be necessary for you to see an actual label with your design before ordering a large run of labels. In cases like these, we can offer an actual label proofing service for only £25 + VAT

We'll use the exact same printing process and materials so that you can view the actual product before ordering larger quantities.

Please give us a call on 01524 67412 to discuss the details.







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