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Projecting Signs

Projecting Signs are a time honoured way of telling people what is going on in the property. They are primarily used where you want to be seen from a distance, from down the street for example.

We think we’ve got possibly the greatest range of Projecting Signs and we've manufactured litterally 1000's for customers throughout the UK.     Pro-Panel sign with WC & Disabled logo

We've got over 20 different brackets in stock, from some very simple and modern aluminium PROjecting PANELS (that we call Pro-Panels), through to heavy duty 'wrought iron' style steel brackets designed to fit in and match old properties or in conservation areas, They're all designed to take a range of panel shapes & sizes, but if you don't see exactly what you want - no problem as we design & make them here in Morecambe. You could say that Morecambe is the Sign capital of the country !    

We also have a number of 'speciality brackets' such as a 'Barbers Pole', 'Pawnbroker Sign', 'Hairdressers Sign', 'Tea Rooms bracket' etc.   Ject 1 Bracket with Information logo

  Please give us a call on 01524 67412 with your ideas on your next project and Click  Pictures Gallery button  to see more.Projecting Sign

Projecting Sign with Bains Baguely graphics


Riverbank Projecting Sign

Product Image Item Name- Price
JECT 1 Sign & Bracket

JECT 1 Our simplest projecting sign bra...

JECT 2 Sign & Bracket

 JECT 2 Sign & Bracket Similar...

JECT 3 Sign & Bracket

 JECT 3 Sign Bracket By far our mo...

JECT 4 Sign & Bracket

JECT 4 Sign Bracket An 'upside down' ve...

JECT 5 Sign & Bracket

The cross base is laser cut from 8...

JECT 6 Sign & Bracket

JECT 6 Sign Bracket Dimensions:- L 90c...

JECT 7 Sign & Bracket

JECT 7 Sign Bracket Dimensions:- L 85c...

JECT 8 Sign & Bracket

JECT 8 Sign Bracket Dimensions:- L 87c...

JECT 9 Sign & Bracket

JECT 9 Sign Bracket. This is our smalle...

JECT 10 Sign & Bracket

JECT 10 Sign Bracket The cross base is ...

JECT 11 Sign & Bracket

JECT 11 Sign Bracket Dimensions:- L 55...

JECT 12 Sign & Bracket

JECT 12 Sign Bracket Dimensions:- L 55...


New Products For February - Signs

PRO Panel 2

We've got 5 different shapes in the PRO...

PRO Panel 3

We've got 5 different shapes in the PRO...

PRO Panel 4

We've got 5 different shapes in the PRO...

PRO Panel 5

We've got 5 different shapes in the PRO...

SCISSOR Speciality Sign & Bracket

SCISSORS Speciality Sign Bracket Design...

BARBER POLE Speciality Sign & Bracket

BARBER POLE Projecting Sign Bracket. T...