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Magnetic Signs Care

Magnetic Signs Care

Storing Magnetic Signs

  • When not using your flexible magnetic sign, keep it in a clean, dry place.
  • Store your rolled magnetic sign on end with the printed or vinyl side out.
  • When storing flat, be sure your magnetic is on a level surface. Avoid placing objects on top that could damage the face; do not stack with magnetic sides facing each other.

Preparing Magnetic-Receptive Surfaces

  • Before affixing your magnetic sign to a metal surface, be sure all surface paints, clear coats and waxes are cured (hardened). *(Approximate curing times: Paint-90 days; clear coats-60 days; wax-2 days.)
  • Clean the metallic surface and the magnet with a mild detergent.
  • Wipe with a soft cloth or allow to dry.

Applying Magnetic Signs

  • If possible, affix to a smooth, flat or gently curved metallic surface.
  • Make sure the entire magnet is flat against the metal surface (i.e. no air pockets).
  • If you place the magnet in the wrong position, completely remove the magnet from the surface and reaffix. Do not pull the magnetic sign across the surface, or it may stretch due to the resistance caused be the high magnetic strength.
  • Avoid using on horizontal metal surfaces exposed to direct sunlight (such as car bonnets) or temperatures exceeding 150 degrees F.
  • Be aware that long-term use on surfaces frequently exposed to sunlight (such as vehicles) can result in uneven fading of the surface because the magnet-covered area is shielded from ultraviolet rays.
  • Avoid use on non-metallic body fillers, simulated wood grain siding and repainted surfaces.

Cleaning Magnetic Signs

  • To guard against moisture and dirt build-up between the magnet and the metal surface (particularly on outdoor applications), remove the magnet at regular intervals. Clean both the magnet and the surface with a mild detergent; wipe with a soft cloth or allow to air-dry. (For vehicle-mounted signs, remove and clean WEEKLY.)
  • To protect fresh clear coat, base coat and/or vinyl surfaces on new cars and trucks, remove magnetic signs DAILY. Proper use and care will extend the life of your magnetic sign and protect the metallic surface to which it is applied.

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